What’s this all about?

(meet Charbel the ordinarian)

Hi, I’m Charbel J. Semaan (rhymes with marble hey come on). I create, design, and write the ideas that keep me up at night.

Confession: I’m a recovering no-hour workweek zombie.

Don't be a No-Hour Workweek zombie!

I spent over a decade measuring my success by what school I attended, the grades I earned, the companies I worked for, the clients and projects I closed, and the things I owned.

Now I prefer to measure how faithful I am to a simple motto:

“Be who you are and be that well.” – St. Francis de Sales

It’s an ordinary way to live, and it can yield extraordinary results.

If you ever ask yourself what you’re good at, what you’re meant for, or how to develop a skill or talent, I can relate.

Frustrated not knowing what you're good at or meant to do? - Charbel works.

It’s a struggle. It’s painful. And it’s worth it.

Whether you’re a writer, musician, educator, business owner, janitor–I used to be one–or philanthropist, I’d like to connect with you and share our talents.

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What others say…

Charbel is one of the most creative people I have ever met. His personality truly shines in his work and his relationships.
– Jenny Blake, Speaker & Bestselling Author

Charbel is a consistently clear, stylish communicator.
– Jeremy Wadhams, Founder at Wingtip Labs

Charbel’s a great writer and his mind is always running, cranking out solutions to a wide variety of problems.
– Grant Shellen, Editor/Marketer/Musician, Google

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