Simply chip away

A letter I received from a friend:

Henri Nouwen has a story about a “Lion in the Marble.”


In it a boy watches as a sculptor chips large and small pieces away from the marble slab. Getting bored, the boy leaves.


When the boy returns a few weeks later he is amazed to see a powerful lion statue.


“Wow!” the boy exclaims, “How did you know there was a lion inside the marble slab?”


The sculptor replied, “I saw the lion in my heart before I saw the lion in the marble. It was the lion in my heart that recognized the lion in the marble. The rest was easy. I simply chipped away all that was ‘not lion’.”


-In the sea of options and choices that is our “marble slab,” I hope and pray that the lion in your heart identifies all that is “not lion” so you can simply chip away. God bless.

I hope and pray the same for you.