Start, share, learn

It’s been done before. Someone’s already doing it. I don’t know what makes me unique.

These are all excuses to not start.

I’ve said them. You’ve probably said them too. It’s hard not to believe them when each one is true.

The problem is when we allow them to prevent progress and growth.

It’s been done before. True, but it hasn’t been done by you yet. Go to the Personal Finance section on Amazon or your local bookstore. What do you see? “The Broke College Grad’s Guide to X,” or “The MBA Woman’s Guide to Y.” We want your story. We need your story.

Someone’s already doing it. Yes, they are. Now imagine the leaders of Coke and Pepsi saying that. Aspiring heart surgeons. Musicians in the same genre. Someone’s already doing it, so go do it better, faster, cheaper, smarter…or differently. Do it in a way so we know it’s you.

I don’t know what makes me unique. That’s why we iterate. Iteration helps us eliminate what isn’t working and cultivate what is working. We need to start though.

Start, share, learn. Then keep going. Keep sharing. Keep learning.

Clearly, the alternative isn’t working. Give this a shot.