Two kinds of glow

(to my son)

The first kind of glow is all natural. The second is manufactured.

Glow #1
Mommy gazing at you sleeping peacefully, the artist who develops her craft despite the naysayers, the energized worker after much needed rest, or you growing up to be comfortable in your own skin.

Glow #2
The flatscreen illuminating the room in the middle of the night, the Macbook late at night when we really should sleep, or the smartphone because we need to check our obsession one more time before we call it a night.

The former comes from the soul, the latter from an LED light.

The former is immune to upgrades, while the latter constantly offers the next big thing.

The former is all that matters in the end, while the latter matters only if we allow it.

We can choose which one to brighten and which one to dim.

Let’s choose wisely, son.