I’m with Daddy

(to my son)

When you were three months old, you couldn’t talk yet. Unless you counted the cooing, which sounded like you were having a conversation with us.

Even debating at times.

Instead you communicated through body language. With Daddy powers–you obtain them when you have a kid–I could understand you loudly and clearly.

You would perch on my left forearm, brace yourself against my torso, and peer out to the world like a captain at sea. You were communicating.

You were saying, “I’m with Daddy.”

I’m with Daddy means I’m safe. It means I’m secure. I can explore and gaze and wonder and observe.

I can do all this with confidence. I can do all this because Daddy has me in his arms, and I get to be me.

Son, you’re right. You are with Daddy. Thanks for trusting me.

Actually, thanks for showing me how to trust: Fully and without reserve.